Chicken Shish

Chicken breast seasoned & marinated then grilled on a skewer

Lamb Shish

Marinated tender lamb chunks on lamb skewer & charcoal grilled

Mix Shish

Chicken shish & Lamb Shish

Cop Shish

Marinated small lamb cubes skewered & charcoal grilled

Adana Kofte

Spicy minced lamb seasoned with green peppers, parsley & charcoal grill

Mixed Grill

Lamb shish, chicken shish & kofte

Lamb Liver Shish (Ciger Sis)

Marinated & charcoal grilled cubes of lambs liver

Chicken Wings

Marinated & charcoal grilled chicken wings

Chicken Steak

Specially prepared chicken breast marinated with garlic, herbs, milk & olive oil, grilled over charcoal grill

Baby Chicken

Marinated baby chicken cooked over charcoal grill

Mix Beyti

Mixture of lamb and chicken beyti

Lamb Beyti

Spicy lamb kofte with garlic & parsley

Chicken Beyti

Spicy chicken kofte with garlic & parsley

Aubergine Kebab

Sliced aubergine with minced lamb, grilled on a charcoal

Lamb Ribs

(Kaburga) Lamb spare ribs marinated & charcoal grilled

Lamb Chops

(Pirzola) Charcoal grilled tender marinated lamb chops

Veal Chop

(Sut Dana Pirzola) Charcoal grilled tender marinated veal chop served with mushroom

T-Bone Steak

Grilled T-Bone steak served with chips & mushroom

Sirlion Steak

Served with mushroom & chips